Online Lesson 
Classical, Jazz, pop piano lessons online are available.
Please talk more details in advance hearing.
【Piano Lesson】
You can learn a wide range of classical music, jazz, pop music, etc. You can also learn and enjoy just one song you want to play. It is also possible to learn specialized techniques in the piano technique class. We will develop personalized talents with the latest teaching methods.
【Music Theory】
You can build up a basic knowledge of music, such as tips for reading and memorizing sheet music quickly, scales, rhythms, song structure, and 
【Lesson fee system 】
ZOOM online lessons. The lesson is 40 minutes per class.
You can continue the lesson by purchasing a ticket for 3 lessons each.
Online lesson 1 frame (40 minutes) x 3 = A $ 150, text fee will be charged separately.
【About Online lesson】
1. Please make a reservation for a hearing using the Contact form.
   Fill in the required items and the hearing details in the Message.
2. Once the lesson direction and schedule are decided, purchase a ticket.
3. Once the online lesson ticket purchase is confirmed, the lesson will start.